Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shopping expedition

Your monkey wants broccoli cheese soup

19-year-old Angel the Java Macaque is a big fan.

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Man photographed by security cameras he stole arrested

A Florida man is in custody just a short time after stealing a business' surveillance system and being caught on camera in the process.

Forty-eight-year-old Guadalupe Ruiz, from Fort Myers, was arrested on Saturday for burglary, grand theft, and criminal mischief.

Ruiz stole six surveillance cameras from El Dorado Pawn Shop that captured crystal clear images of him before they were disabled.

This is Ruiz’s seventh booking in the Lee County Jail, and for his charges, he is being held without bond.

Woman jumped onto purse snatcher's car in desperate attempt to stop him

A woman decided she wasn’t going to make it easy for her attacker during a robbery at a gas station in Dania Beach, Florida. Surveillance video from the Mobil gas station shows the crook pull up to a pump in a light-coloured Cadillac.

Casually, the man opened the driver’s side door of the car next to him and grabbed a purse from the front seat. It belonged to Janelle Della-Libera, 32, who was pumping gas and immediately chased after him, climbing onto his car in a desperate attempt to stop him.

Spread out on the hood of the man’s car, Janelle was able to reach inside and appears to hit the thief with her wallet. He began to speed up and, seconds later, she tumbled off his car and onto the ground, leaving her with a fractured foot. Janelle’s husband is grateful his wife’s injury wasn’t worse.

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“We’re very proud that she didn’t just back down and be a victim and we’re also very happy she’s doing well,” said Giovani Libera. “This could have been much worse.” But, he says, there’s a lesson here. When you’re at the gas station, lock your doors while you pump and keep your eyes open. “This is happening all over south Florida,” said Libera.

Police hunt man who made his escape wearing just underpants and one sock

The Waynesboro Police Department in Virginia is requesting information on locating a wanted Waynesboro man who fled in nothing but his underpants and a single sock earlier this week when he was found with drugs.

On Tuesday, a deputy with the City of Waynesboro Sheriff’s Office went to a residence to evict the renters when he found Aaron Hernando Holder, 37 years old, and 30 year old female trespassing inside the residence. The deputy ordered them out of the residence. Holder was clothed only in his undergarments.

After further examination of the residence, the deputy located suspected drugs in the room where he found Holder and the female. Even though he was scantily clad, Holder fled on foot along with the female. A search of the area by other officers and deputies was unsuccessful.

Members of the Skyline Drug Task Force responded to the residence and executed a search warrant. Drug charges are also pending on Holder and the female suspect. Holder should be considered dangerous. Anyone with information in this case is asked to call the Waynesboro Police Department.

Woman says she lost $75,000 to smooth-talking witchdoctor

It started with a $10 palm reading, but within a few weeks, she lost $75,000 to a smooth-talking hustler, a woman from Wellington, New Zealand, says. "They are so determined. They brainwash you completely. You are in their hands," the woman, who does not want to be named, has warned. The woman said she went to the witchdoctor and his wife for a palm reading after being handed a pamphlet at a street market. She said the male witchdoctor was of South Indian origin, with a moustache and medium-length hair.

He dressed inconspicuously when outside but wore yellow robes during ceremonies. "They do wear priest's clothes in their house so you think they're good people." They used incense, coconuts and flowers during ceremonies, and chanted "aum Kali, aum Kali," to the deity of the same name. The couple forged a relationship with the woman, persuading her only they could rid her of evil spirits. She said she was told one of her own children was in danger.

Soon the couple visited her house in suburban Wellington. The man noticed a dead bird outside, and said this was proof her house had a malevolent spirit. Soon, the woman was too scared to be home alone, so the witchdoctor's wife came to stay with her. "I was scared. I could not come into my house. They said 'there's a spirit in your house'." The witchdoctors made increasingly dramatic predictions, spoke of sacrifices, then told her she had only a week to live. Tormented and scared, she succumbed to demands, went to the bank, and handed over $25,000 cash.

She also handed over cash and jewellery worth another $50,000 later in 2013. The witchdoctors left the country, but kept calling her. On Monday, a man who answered one of the phone numbers said he had been to New Zealand, but only in 2008. He said he did the shami pooja ritual, astrology and horoscope reading but not other practices of the kind advertised. "There are some good people ... there are some bad people," he said when allegations of wrongdoing were put to him. His service didn't offer refunds, but he urged the complainant to come to Bangalore. The woman said she no longer believed in black magic but was angry at herself for losing so much money and wanted others to avoid the same fate.

Police say that having a hangover is no excuse for stealing a roast chicken

A man has been fined after he allegedly stole a chicken from a supermarket in Dongara, Western Australia, because he was “hungry and hungover”.

Sergeant Grant Rosman said the 43-year-old Three Springs man is alleged to have eaten the chicken in the back of an aisle at the town's IGA.

He then left the remains behind some items on a shelf. The theft was captured on CCTV and the staff alerted police.

Police from Three Springs arrested the 43-year-old on Friday and issued him with a $500 stealing infringement notice.

Customs officials surprised to find woman travelling with husband's entrails in her luggage

Bemused customs officials in Austria have stopped a Moroccan woman, who travelled to Graz airport with a bag containing her husband's entrails.

The man's intestines had been wrapped carefully in two containers. The woman, who has not been named, explained that she suspected her deceased husband had been poisoned.

She wanted a toxicology test carried out on her husband's tissue. He died during an operation in Morocco. When the woman arrived in Graz, a doctor was called to examine the intestines.

He said a proper investigation could not be carried out without the whole body. Police said the woman had not broken any laws. The entrails have been stored temporarily ahead of further forensic investigation.

Brick collector nominated for top heritage award

Mark Cranston is an avid collector of bricks who has amassed more than 2,000 of them. And now the 53-year-old policeman, from Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders, has been shortlisted for a major award in recognition of his dedication to Scotland’s industrial past. He’s in line for a gong at the 2016 Scottish Heritage Angel Awards in the Investigating and Recording category.

Mark, who runs the Scottish Brick History website, was inspired to start his collection by his dad who worked as a contractor. Over the last four years, he has spent his spare time and holidays rummaging around long abandoned brickworks and derelict industrial sites to recover bricks to add to his collection. He has travelled all over the country in his pursuit of building a national database of all the bricks ever manufactured in Scotland. Mark now knows more about the industry and its manufacturers than just about anyone.

But he says his passion is important, as Scotland was once world renowned for the quality and diversity of its bricks. He said: “I’m delighted and humbled that the much under-appreciated brick is at last finding a little piece of limelight. I believe that all the products manufactured at Scottish brickworks were an integral part of Scotland’s industrial, agricultural and social heritage.” He added: “Brickmaking is a much forgotten part of Scotland’s industrial and social history and all efforts should be made to preserve what we can of what is left.

“Scottish bricks turn up all over the world. Scotland helped build the industrial revolution across the globe. But there is only one brickworks left in the country – there used to be hundreds. I’ve been contacted by six different underwater archaeologists who have found Scottish bricks on shipwrecks off the coast of Australia, Russia and South America. I’ll try to put an age on the date of the bricks, which, in turn, will help identify the shipwrecks.” The awards will be held at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh, next month.

Police stopped zombie actors after motorway panic call

Motorway police received a shock after responding to a report of a woman being assaulted on the M62. Officers pulled a vehicle over on Sunday evening to investigate the incident but found two zombies on their way to an acting job.

A concerned passer-by called 999 after seeing a 'man biting a lady and assaulting her'. When patrols pulled the vehicle over near junction 11 at Birchwood/Warrington, officers were left amused by the couple.

The couple were actors and were wearing zombie make-up for extras they were playing. North West Motorway Police tweeted: "report of female being assaulted on M62, vehicle stopped pair of extras making it to a job - posing as Zombies - takes all sorts."

A Greater Manchester Police spokeswoman said: “We got a call to reports of a man biting a woman on the M62 at junction 11 and was being assaulted. Officers were sent out to search for the vehicle as it is a serious incident. But when they found the car in question, the saw they were covered in fake blood. Thankfully the man and woman were extras on their way to a job and it was a funny ending really.”

Monday, September 26, 2016

Vantage point

Snail slithers across dog's nose

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Here's a rabbit eating a dandelion

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Student suspended after posting photo on social media of discoloured water in school bathroom

Hazel Juco says when she saw discoloured water coming from the sink at her school in Westland, Michigan, it concerned her. “I just took a picture of it. And then in my newspaper class I talked about it with them,” said Juco. The senior at John Glenn High School also posted the picture on Facebook and Twitter, voicing complaints. “I always hope that someone will see it and want to help us,” said Juco.

"Because our school obviously doesn’t have money.” A short time later, she was called down to the office. "They told me I was being suspended, OSS (Out of School Suspension). It is inappropriate use of electronics in the restroom,” said Juco. She said she felt she was singled out because she exposed a problem. “Every girl takes selfies in the bathroom and makes it their profile pictures,” said Juco. “No one has gotten in trouble.”

Wayne-Westand Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Michele Harmala says she looked into what was happening at the high school. She says she found out high school administrators made mistakes. They didn’t report the water issue to maintenance. Dr. Harmala made sure maintenance knew about it. “They sent a plumber out right away,” said Dr. Harmala. It turns out there is a pipe leading to that faucet that needs to be replaced. That is being done.

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Dr. Harmala says the rule against cell phones in bathrooms aims to prevent inappropriate pictures of people, not pictures of building issues. “The punishment is inappropriate. I am going to make sure the out of school suspension is expunged from the student’s record,” said Dr. Harmala. Dr. Harmala says this is a learning opportunity for students and staff. She wants students to know there is a building problem they feel is being ignored, they can report it to building maintenance or administration directly. It will give them a chance to address it sooner than if it is just put on social media.

Naked man arrested after allegedly throwing 4-month-old baby over 8-foot-tall fence

A Florida man is accused of tossing a 4-month-old baby over a fence and into brush on the other side. The baby was found on Thursday evening in Longwood with minor injuries. Richard Harris, 31, is accused of aggravated child abuse. A caller to 911 said she saw Harris in her apartment parking lot. "I can, like, see him. And he's completely naked, and I can't see the baby, but he's, like, screaming," the caller told a 911 dispatcher.

The caller said one minute the man had on pants, carrying a crying baby, and the next thing she knew, no clothes, and no infant. "He hasn't said where the baby is, has he?" the dispatcher told the caller. "No," the caller replied. Across the street, a clue was found in the yard of Michele Reaves. She told police there were pants in her yard. "We heard him screaming," Reaves said. The baby was on the opposite side of Reaves' 8-foot-tall fence.

"I've never seen an officer clear a fence as quick as he did. I don't know how he did it, but he was over the fence, had the baby and was back over the fence with the baby," Reaves said. "The baby had actually been thrown over the fence by the suspect," said Corporal. Ryan Short of the Longwood Police Department. The baby was rushed to the hospital for medical care and is expected to make a full recovery. Reaves has seen Harris and the baby before and said she had never seen anything odd.

"Who does that? No one just does that," Reaves said. Police and Reaves suggested that Harris may have been under the influence of something that made him act strangely. Harris’s attorney argued the case should not be aggravated child abuse because the baby wasn’t badly hurt. The judge said Harris, who trembled and sobbed in court, will be held without bond while that's sorted out. Police said Harris resisted arrest and yelled random things. Harris said after a trip to the hospital, he doesn’t remember anything at all.

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President of Crime Stoppers ousted after arrest for running large marijuana growing-operation

The president of a Crime Stoppers chapter in Ontario, Canada, was forced out of his position this week, after police charged him in connection with a large marijuana growing-operation.

Windsor and Essex County Crime Stoppers voted on Thursday, to remove Jon-Paul Fuller the day after Ontario Provincial Police raided greenhouses in Leamington, Ontario.

Police said they found more than 2,900 marijuana plants with an estimated value of $2.9 million, along with 41 kilograms of harvested marijuana worth about $180,000. “It’s difficult to accept, very shocking, but nonetheless we’re moving forward,” said Charlie Hotham, who preceded Fuller as president and was reinstated on Thursday.

“We don’t want to let one person take away from the good deeds that Crime Stoppers does,” he added. Hotham said the Crime Stoppers board is not involved in the day-to-day operation of the tip line, which allows people to offer information on crimes without contacting police. Fuller is charged with production of marijuana and possession for the purpose of trafficking. Another man also faces charges.

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20-year-old who faked £200,000 job at NASA and was honoured for his achievements arrested

Police in Madhya Pradesh, India, arrested Ansar Khan, 20, on Friday for wrongly claiming that he was employed with United States' space agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA. A fake identity card, with US president Barack Obama's forged signatures, was also recovered from him.

Mr Khan, who has only studied up to class 12, claimed he was appointed to the space agency's 'Space and Food' program with an annual salary of Rs. 1.85 crore (£210,000, $270,000) and was set to start work later this month. He even invited the senior officials of Kamalpur administration for a felicitation programme in his honour. However, this proved to be his undoing. Senior police officer Shashikant Shukla became suspicious of Mr Khan when the latter came to invite him with his 'identity card' around his neck.

Noticing president Barack Obama's signature on the card, Mr Shukla ordered his office to verify the young man's claims. During the investigation, not only was Mr Khan's fraud exposed, police also discovered that he had borrowed money from several people promising to pay back when he received his salary from NASA. According to the police, he had visited a local photo studio on August 14 where he had a fake NASA identity card printed complete with the space agency's logo and the signature of Barack Obama.

Believing Mr Khan's claims, his school and several local organisations organised functions to celebrate his achievements. At one time he was even honoured in an event which had the local legislator in attendance. "Our SP got suspicious after seeing his (Ansar's) identity card and we started our investigation. The owner of the photo studio told us that Ansar kept on postponing his date of going to the US and did not even possess a passport. He had even taken money from people for going abroad," police officer BS Gaure said.

Giant inflatable duck found freedom in stormy weather

A giant inflatable duck rolled around the streets of Glasgow, Scotland, on Saturday morning.

The duck had been on display at the Peter Vardy CarStore near Braehead shopping centre.

YouTube link. Original Facebook video.

However, strong winds which battered the city dislodged the inflatable and it ended up in the middle of a nearby road.

One shocked eyewitness said: "I couldn't believe it. It's not what you expect to see on your way to work in the morning."

Police appeal for information after beauty spot graffiti vandalism

Police are appealing to the public to help trace those responsible for causing graffiti damage at a popular beauty spot in Cromford, Derbyshire.

Officers from the Matlock Bath, Cromford and Bonsall Safer Neighbourhood Team were contacted by a member of the public after vandals sprayed tags and offensive language on Black Rocks, Cromford.

PCSO Brian Pemberton said: “We are appealing to the public in the hope that someone may know who is responsible for this damage. Black Rocks is a popular beauty spot and yet it is being let down by mindless vandals spraying graffiti.

“This is an ongoing issue and is turning an otherwise beautiful and picturesque area of the Derbyshire Dales into somewhere offensive for people to visit. I would encourage anyone who knows of those responsible, or have witnessed damage taking place, to get in touch so that we can bring those responsible to justice.”

Ninety-year-old record for the world's heaviest red cabbage finally beaten

A man from Cornwall has broken a world record that has stood for more than 90 years, by growing the heaviest red cabbage.

David Thomas, from Leedstown, presented the 23.2kg (51.1lbs) vegetable at this year's National Giant Vegetable Championships.

Mr Thomas said he was "very proud" of the "beach ball" sized cabbage. The previous record, set in 1925 by Mr R Straw of Staveley, Derbyshire, weighed in at 19.05kg (42lbs).

Growing the huge vegetable took "hours of work", said Mr Thomas, who has been cultivating vegetables competitively for more than 15 years. "There's no big secret to growing giant veg. You just need the right seeds to start with, plenty of room, good soil and a bit of luck," he said.