Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I'm back

Albeit with a limited number of posts. I'm having a problem with one of my eyes which is causing a great deal of discomfort. I look like I've been punched in the face.

Thankfully, I'm no longer getting a searing pain every time I blink - it now feels like I constantly have a strong onion being peeled beneath it. Hopefully it will continue to improve.

Coyote ran into home before taking refuge in the fireplace

A coyote ran into a house in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Friday, pursuing a man and his dog, then barricaded itself in the chimney and refused to leave. The coyote wouldn't move. Homeowner, Jonathan Radow called 911. Scottsdale police officers arrived at the scene, along with a wildlife expert.

"The sergeant came over, he's like I've never seen anything like this in my 39-year career. They were all laughing, saying this is one I'm not going to forget," said Radow. Finally, they were able to get the coyote in a crate. He's now being cared for at Southwest Wildlife Center in North Scottsdale.

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"He's a young male, probably born this spring, so he's kind of like a teenager in coyote terminology and he's just kind of clueless and trying to figure out the world," said Kim Carr with Southwest Wildlife. Caretakers believe he was curled up and scared. "He just kind of shut down, he was probably so afraid, not knowing and had never been in a house before and had no idea where he was," said Carr.

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"That's a place that felt safe to him, a nice little tight fireplace," she said. He will be quarantined for three weeks and if all goes well he will be released with a litter and join the family. "He might be able to go in and be socialized with them and be part of the pack, and hopefully theyll all get to be released as a unit," said Carr.

Police tell man to desist from telling blonde jokes to pedestrians

A man from North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Washington County, who was in the habit of stopping his car to tell blonde jokes to random women as they walked or jogged down the street has been told to desist and find another venue for his comedy act. Though the jokes weren’t sexual in nature, police said, the women who reported the incidents said they felt uncomfortable every time he drove up in his car and stopped to tell them blonde jokes.

On Sept. 6, North Kingstown police took reports from two North Kingstown women who said they first encountered the man in July. He was driving a grey Chrysler and stopped along side the women, both blonde, and told them he wanted to tell them a joke. He told the joke and then left when they started walking away, police said. The women said they’ve run into the same person several times since them and he continues to stop to tell them jokes.

And they weren’t laughing, for a number of reasons. “They both stated he tries to tell them the same jokes,” according to a police report. Last week while the women were walking, he reportedly stopped to tell another joke and “he put the vehicle in reverse and was backing his vehicle up as he attempted to tell the joke to them.” He then apologised and drove off.

One of the women said she was worried because her daughter told her the man, who was identified by police by his license plate, had been doing the same thing to female runners on the high school cross country team. Police responded to the jokester’s house later on Sept. 6 and in the presence of his wife, told him the women were uncomfortable to the point they felt the need to report it to police. He was advised to avoid the two women and the cross country team. Police said the man could be arrested if he continued telling jokes and he reportedly said he understood and would stop. The matter was documented.

Woman choked husband after he refused to buy her a hat

A woman was arrested on Saturday night after an argument with her husband over a hat turned in physical altercation.

Police responded at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville in Nashville, Tennessee, where they say Sommer Trent, 33, became angry and assaulted her husband after he refused to buy her a hat.

Witnesses reported Trent then took his hat off his head and threw it into the street. She allegedly then pushed him into the street and began to choke him.

Bystanders called police and restrained the woman until she arrived. Trent was booked into the Metro jail on charges of domestic assault with a bond of $2,500. The couple were visiting Nashville from West Virginia.

Thong-eating dog forced to have emergency operation only to return home and do it again

A knicker-stealing dog had to have an emergency operation after eating three thongs after swallowing his owner’s thong – plus two of her daughter’s thongs for good measure. Brian, a four-year-old Samoyed, owned by Kaye Banks, showed he had a wide ranging taste for female underwear when he swallowed silk and lace panties, choosing black and bright pink as his preferred options.

He first raided an overnight bag belonging to Kaye’s daughter, Charlotte. Then the next day he struck again – taking the opportunity to pinch Kaye’s thong from the bathroom floor whilst she was taking a shower. His exploits resulted in an emergency operation at the vets. Although one thong had already passed through him, the other one had to be removed from his stomach in a two hour operation.

Freshly stitched and feeling perky after four days at Abbey Vets in Barnsley, Brian returned home only to steal yet another thong just days later – a pair of Charlotte’s that were in the laundry basket. Kaye rushed him straight back to the vets and because this time the thong had not travelled beyond his throat they were able to give him medication to make him vomit and bring up the thong.

Kaye, who lives in Brampton Bierlow, near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, said: “We just couldn’t believe that after an operation and four days at the vets he comes home and does it again. From now on all underwear is put straight into the washing machine. He’s a lovely dog but he’s into everything.” Tony Duffy, of Abbey Vets, said: “It never fails to amaze me what dogs will swallow, but swallowing three thongs in such a short space of time must beat them all.”

Monday, September 15, 2014

Apologies for the lack of posts today

Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hide and seek

Man explains the intricacies of the Hurdy Gurdy

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Meanwhile in Ireland

Filmed at the Waterford Harvest Festival on Friday.

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Rabid bat bit man jamming on guitar

Derrick Skou, from Gresham, Oregon, was bitten by a rabid bat while camping in Clackamas County. “This thing came out of nowhere,” he said. “I was thinking it was a good day until then.” Skou was playing guitar, and jamming with friends at a campsite when it happened.

The attack was caught on video. Skou says he wanted to record it because he felt they were playing well. “Something hit me. I was concentrating on staying in time and all that, and it hit me here, and I kind of saw something out of my peripheral vision. And then it's there, and then it just bit me,” Skou said. The bat latched onto his shirt, near his shoulder, then crawled up to his neck.

"It was like a cold dog nose,” Skou said as he described his brief encounter with the bat. “It was a cold bat nose, mouth, whatever. It didn't sting. I wasn't injected with anything. It was just a cold bite.” The bat then camped in a tree before coming down twice more to try and attack Skou. Fortunately, he was only bitten once before a friend shot the bat with a BB gun.

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"Whether we would get in trouble for shooting it, and I said well, it drew first blood. We need to take care of this thing,” Skou said. The bat ended up being rabid, something Skou only found out after taking it to Multnomah County health officials. He had first tried to take it to the Clackamas County Environmental Health Department, but he says they declined to test the bat.

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Woman unhappy at 11-year-old boy practising clarinet allegedly pointed rifle at children

Incensed that an 11-year-old boy was practising the clarinet in a neighbouring backyard, a Colorado woman allegedly pointed a rifle at the child and yelled, “Fire in the hole!,” police allege. Cheryl Ann Pifer, 60, was arrested on Wednesday afternoon at her Grand Junction home and charged with menacing, child abuse, and prohibited use of a weapon.

The boy told officers that he was “outback doing his homework playing the clarinet” when Pifer came outside and screamed at him to “Get your ass back inside,” according to an arrest affidavit. The child told investigators that he told Pifer “it was his homework and he couldn’t [go] inside because the baby was sleeping.”

In addition to pointing the 7mm Mauser at the young musician, Pifer allegedly pointed the weapon at other children in the backyard, prompting police to file multiple felony menacing and child abuse counts against her. The boy told deputies that Pifer “yelled ‘Fire in the hole’” while aiming the gun at him and the other children from her front door. Deputies located a rifle just inside Pifer’s front door. “The gun was unloaded but had two rounds in the magazine,” according to the affidavit.

Mesa County Sheriff’s Office deputies reported that Pifer, who appeared intoxicated, referred to the young clarinetist as a “nuisance” who “wouldn’t stop so she just wanted him to stop.” When cops first approached Pifer, she said, “Oh, you’re here to arrest me.” Asked by a deputy why she would say that, Pifer replied, “Well, because I pointed a gun case at that little neighbour boy.” After being booked into the county jail, Pifer was released on a $5000 personal recognizance bond and ordered to appear for a September 19 court appearance.

Man accused of cooking estranged girlfriend's dog before feeding it to her

A Californian man is behind bars after allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend's dog - then cooking the poor Pomeranian and feeding it to her without her knowledge.

Ryan Eddy Watenpaugh, 34, of Palo Cedro, was arrested on Thursday on animal cruelty and other charges after he served up the sick revenge dish over the weekend, police said, and later taunted his ex in a text message. The woman told police her Pomeranian, Bear, went missing after she and Watenpaugh had an argument that ended with him allegedly assaulting her.

Last week Watenpaugh and the victim briefly reconciled and he cooked her a meal that was purported to be pork on Saturday. The next day, “the victim received a text message from Watenpaugh asking how her dog tasted, and referenced the meal he had cooked for her," police said. A pair of severed dog’s paws was later left on her doorstep.

Police are testing the remains. "It’s sad, that if indeed the dog was killed as part of this incident, because dog as you know they are innocent all they want is affection and love," Redding Police Sgt. Todd Cogle said. "For someone to take advantage of that innocence is obviously sad and depressing." Watenpaugh is being held in lieu of $250,000 bail. He admitted to delivering the severed paws, but denied killing or cooking Bear, police said.

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Floating cannabis plantation found on lake

Hungarian police have arrested a 35-year-old amateur gardener who was growing a floating cannabis plantation on Lake Neusiedl, on the Austrian border.

Police found a total of 42 potted cannabis plants that were well hidden in a patch of dense reeds. The owner was due to harvest the buds in a few weeks.

The police stumbled upon the plants by accident, which were growing on the border of Burgenland and Hungary.

The gardener, who is also a keen angler and spends a lot of time at the lake, said that he bought the seeds in Austria and was growing the plants for his own use. If police can prove that he was selling the drug he could face up to eight years in a Hungarian prison.

Security guards armed with fluorescent pink paint are out on anti-dog poo patrol

Security guards armed with fluorescent paint have begun pink-bombing piles of poo left behind by unscrupulous dog owners in a town in north-western France. The people of Arras have had enough of seeing the mess made by mutts left lying on the footpaths.

It is hoped the Day-Glo appearance of the pink piles will make owners aware of the need to clean up after their defecating dogs. For people living in the Saint Michel buildings, the de-pooing project is serious business.

Only once dog owners have taken the hint will plans be put in place to open a communal garden space for residents of the 405 apartments. Poo-watchers across France are likely to monitor the project with interest as officials everywhere grapple with the same messy problem.

Last year, one Paris suburb began using video surveillance to snoop on dog owners and swoop on anyone who failed to pick up after their mutts. Also in the capital, a spokesman for the city said: “We will continue to hand out fines to dog owners who flout the law. The number of financial penalties handed out in recent years has increased from 19,255 in 2009 to 21,673 in 2011.”

Woman caught having sex in doorway of church days after being caught having sex in car park

A 30-year-old Derby woman was caught having sex in the doorway of a city centre Catholic church. A week before Navina Spring was also seen having intercourse by a mother with her child at 1.30pm in the afternoon. Southern Derbyshire Magistrates' Court was told how a St Mary’s Catholic Church volunteer who came across Spring and the man told police he felt “disgusted and angered by what he saw” when he found the couple in the foyer of a fire exit door at the Bridgegate church at 8.30pm on July 27.

Just eight days previously, in broad daylight, Spring and the man were caught by a mother and daughter and a security guard having sex in the car park that is used by Derby City Council staff. The hearing was told that Spring, of Derby, was “very drunk” on both occasions and was “unaware what she was doing could be seen by the public”. Stephen Cooper, for Spring, said: “The volunteer at St Mary’s Church reported the incident to the police after coming across the defendant and a man in the foyer of the fire exit at the church. He reports that he was disgusted and angered by what he saw.

“Miss Spring was just lying there letting the man do what he wanted to her. At the time of both offences she was homeless and in a very vulnerable position and put her trust in the man. She has limited emotional strength but accepts by her guilty plea that she was equally culpable for what happened. It is clear that alcohol is something she uses as a crutch to lean upon.” George Speed, prosecuting, said the first offence took place at 1.30pm on July 19 in the car park. He said: “A security guard came across the defendant lying on her back with a man on top of her. Both were naked from the waist down, there was no clothing on their bottom halves and the security guard said there were a number of members of the public in the area at the time.

“The incident was witnessed by a mother and her young daughter who also reported it to the police who arrived and told the pair to get dressed.” Spring and the man, who has already been prosecuted and dealt with by the courts for both offences, were both on bail for the first offence when the second offence took place at St Mary’s Church. Spring pleaded guilty to two counts of committing an act of outraging public decency and a separate count of being drunk and disorderly. The hearing was told how she had previous offences for being drunk and disorderly, but is now in a stable relationship with a new partner. Magistrates handed her a 12-month community order with an alcohol treatment requirement. She must also pay £85 prosecution costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Campaign to restore missing rooftop cows successful

A man's campaign to reinstate a herd of fibreglass cows on the roof of the Dairy Crest building in Hanworth, London, has been successful. Joachim (Jake) Jellinek, of East Twickenham, launched an online campaign and petition in July, after his two-year-old son Cosmo pointed out their mysterious absence. While a date for their return has not been confirmed, Mr Jellinek, 43, said: "I’m delighted to announce I have had this confirmed by Hanworth councillor Richard Foote (who has really taken this to heart and helped enormously.)

"The interesting part is that with the help of his colleague councillor John Chatt, they unearthed the original planning permission for the then new bottling plant, and it was part of the agreement at the time, in order to be allowed to build on green belt land, that the cows remain on the roof (and indeed they should have been moved around a bit from time to time also.)" The council informed Dairy Crest of their findings and that they fully intended to enforce the original planning condition. As a result Dairy Crest have agreed to reinstate the cows.

Councillor Richard Foote said this was an issue he felt extremely strongly about and was happy to hear the matter had been resolved. He said: "I'm born and bed in Hanworth and the cows have been long time neighbours of mine almost. I remember when they were in the front of the grounds. They have been a major item that people recognise coming into London. When you escape the Wild West it's the first thing you see. I know it's an issue that is close to most Hanworth residents and certainly one I have felt we could not just leave.

"Councillor John Chatt (Feltham North) remembered the original planning application and was sure the bottling plant which was built on partially green belt land had a clause for the cows to be on the roof and would remain there and be periodically moved around." Other key people who helped move the issue forward included planning case officer Max Smith digging up all the original documents and Brendan Walsh, Hounslow's director of regeneration. Details on the time scale including a date, and whether the same cows or an updated cow display will go up, are to be confirmed.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Dog fetches stick

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Benjamin Nutter arrested with marijuana all over his face when stopped by police

Police officers in Florida tried to pull over a driver for more than 2 miles when dispatchers got a surprising phone call from that driver.

Volusia County deputies have charged 26-year-old Benjamin Nutter with making a false call to 911, possession of marijuana, and fleeing and eluding arrest early on Tuesday morning.

"My hands are on the wheel, sir, I have not done anything wrong," Nutter said to a 911 dispatcher as he was being stopped by deputies. Deputies said he was driving with no tag light and after trying to initiate a traffic stop, he went into a shopping plaza.

As he drove slowly in the parking lot, deputies said he stopped several times, reaching for a cup in his car and dumping something out. Nutter then left the shopping plaza and continued driving. When deputies were able to stop him, they said marijuana was all over his face and his car as he tried to get rid of evidence. He has since bonded out of the Volusia County Jail.

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Judge orders HIV-positive man to desist from spreading the virus

A Seattle judge has ordered an HIV-positive man to stop spreading the disease and to seek treatment after he infected eight people in four years. The man, known only as "AO" in court documents, is required to show up for counselling and to protect future sexual partners.

Officials maintain they are not trying to criminalise sexual activity but to protect public health. The man could face fines or jail time if he does not comply. About 50,000 people in the US are newly infected with HIV every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About 16% of the 1.1 million people living with the virus do not know they are infected.

AO tested positive for HIV in 2008 and spread the virus to at least eight people in 2010-14, according to court documents. He had done so despite receiving HIV counselling - including how to practise safe sex - five times. In a statement, the King County Public Health department said it had only sought a cease-and-desist order against an HIV-positive individual once before, in 1993.

"We're not trying to criminalise sexual behaviour here," Dr Matthew Golden, director of public health at the county's HIV programme, said. "We are trying to protect the public's health. And we're trying to make sure that everyone gets the care they need, including the person involved in this."