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The dog did it

Deer in the snow

Filmed just outside Buffalo, New York, on Tuesday.

Contains NSFW language.

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Man poked girlfriend in eye after getting waffles instead of pancakes for his birthday breakfast

A man from Gainesville, Florida, was arrested on Sunday morning after police say he poked his girlfriend in the eye over not getting his birthday breakfast request.

James E. Irving Jr., 44, got into a fight with his live-in girlfriend over his birthday present and preferred celebratory breakfast, according to Gainesville Police Department.

Irving wanted pancakes and instead got waffles. To express his disdain, Irving poked his girlfriend in the eye, which prompted a call to the Police Department.

Irving was handcuffed and taken to the Alachua County jail on a misdemeanor battery charge.

Police hunt woman who allowed her urinating dog to cause $2,000 worth of damage to clothing

A New Jersey woman took a dog into a clothing store and allowed it to urinate on 25 pieces of clothing causing $2,000 in damage, police said. The suspect then led police on a wild chase before eventually losing officers. The unusual incident happened at about 1pm on Monday at the Lane Bryant clothing store in Toms River.

According to investigators, store employees said that a female entered the store with a small dog and allegedly allowed it to urinate on 14 dresses and 11 pair of pants. The damage was approximately $2,000. The female was asked to leave the store, but police say she became belligerent and refused to do so.

Store employees then called 911 and when officers arrived, the suspect got into her car and sped away. The suspect ran several red lights before officers ended their pursuit due to a potential danger to the community. Investigators said the suspect was identified through her licence plate and physical description as Theresa M. Tumbleson, 35, from Jackson, New Jersey.

Charges of Eluding a Police Officer and Obstruction of the Administration of Law have been filed and additional charges are expected. Tumbleson remains at large. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact the Toms River Police Department.

Alaskan ladies' underwear bandit apprehended - Update

In the late morning hours of Monday Alaska State Troopers based in Kodiak received a report of a burglary in progress. As troopers were responding to the scene, the suspect fled the area.

But, through their investigation, they were able to learn the identity of the suspect and a description of the suspect’s vehicle. Using the information that they gathered, troopers would contact the suspect and identify him as 18-year-old Kodiak resident Ryan Cornelio.

Troopers have been investigating several burglaries in the Kodiak area in recent weeks where, among other items, women’s underwear have been stolen from the crime scene. Troopers continued their investigation of Cornelio and that investigation led troopers to believe that Cornelio had burgled at least seven homes in the Kodiak area and had attempted to burgle an additional three.

During those burglaries, Cornelio had stolen women’s underwear as well as other items. Cornelio was remanded to the Kodiak Jail on three counts of Burglary I. Additional charges are expected to be filed according to the trooper dispatch.

Room filled with sugar beet after truck crash

A freak accident left the living room of a home filled with sugar beet after a truck carrying the sweet crop flipped on one side in a rural village in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland.

The accident occurred at around 11am on Tuesday when the 23-year-old driver lost control of the truck he was driving through Schwerzenbach, northeast of Zurich.

For unknown reasons the driver lost control of the vehicle, pulling a trailer, on a gently sloping curve of the community’s main street. The truck slammed up against the wall of an apartment building, disgorging its load into a ground-floor suite and the front yard.

The driver suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital by ambulance after managing to clamber out of the cab unaided. No-one in the building was injured but the crash caused considerable damage. The truck itself was a write-off, while a structural engineer was hired to assess the damage to the dwellings. The village’s main street was temporarily closed as a result of the accident.

There's a huge photo gallery here.

111 stolen bicyles found hidden in pensioner's two-roomed apartment

A man in his seventies has been arrested after police found more than a hundred bicycles in his apartment in Vadstena in central Sweden.

Police in the area say they discovered a hundred and one cycles in the elderly man's two room apartment, with ten others located in a storage room.

Officers had been called to the flat to question the man in connection with another crime. They are now trying to trace the owners of the bikes. Local police chief Frida Braf said that this would "not be easy and will take time".

Three investigators are working on the case, noting, among other things, model, chassis number and other markings. The suspect is currently on bail after being questioned on Monday. "He said he found the bikes at various locations in the country and cycled home with them," said Braf.

Couple dispute claim that their two-toothed dog attacked a child

A couple from Wist Albury in New South Wales, Australia, claim their two-toothed dog Grumpy has been unfairly blamed for an attack on a child. Steve Moskovic said he had arrived home from walking the family grey Maltese cross to receive a $550 penalty notice from an Albury compliance officer. The notice alleged the pet had attacked someone at 3pm on September 5. Owner Nevenka Moskovic said the dog was at home in his bed at the time of the incident and despite his name, had a good nature.

“Grumpy is a beautiful dog,” she said. “He only has two teeth and is 18 years old with arthritis; he couldn’t have chased or bitten anyone. I have to stand up for my dog because he can’t stand up for himself.” The Moskovics have lived in Albury for the past 14 years and said they had never had an incident when walking their dog. A $165 penalty notice was issued because Grumpy was not micro-chipped and unregistered. Mrs Moskovic said she admitted they were guilty of not having Grumpy microchipped or registered, but was adamant the dog never attacked anyone.

She is disputing the $550 fine on that charge. Mr Moskovic said the ordeal had caused a lot of stress. “It’s not the money that upsets me, it’s the dishonesty,” he said. “I came here to retire and now I want to move again. I can’t sleep because of the stress it has caused - it’s unfair.” The dog has since been microchipped and registered, however the couple said they can’t afford to take the matter to court. They have written to the council and the state debt recovery office requesting leniency but were unsuccessful.

Despite the couple’s claim, Albury Council’s team leader of compliance John Mulvey said an investigation had concluded it was Grumpy that had attacked the child. “Compliance officers received a complaint in early September about an aggressive animal which was involved in an incident where a child was injured,” Mr Mulvey said. “The investigation identified the animal involved. Further investigations revealed the animal was not micro-chipped or registered with council, as required under NSW legislation. As a result of the investigation, penalty infringement notices were issued.”

Two-year-old boy safely back home after going on early morning adventure with his cat

A toddler has been reunited with his worried family after he was found barefoot in pyjamas, and alone on a street in Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia. The-two-year-old had wandered away from home while his grandparents slept, on a big and potentially dangerous adventure - with the family pet, 'Kitty Kat'.

Antwan is what you would call an active child, and on Tuesday morning while his grandparents and twin sister were sleeping, the toddler took himself on his biggest adventure yet. "We'd slept in," his grandmother Melinda said. "There were no toys or mess. I was like 'where's Antwan?'" He had climbed onto a chair, unlocked the front door and escaped, along with his pet cat.

He was 500 metres from home when Beck Buttonshaw saw Antwan in his pyjamas calling out for "nana". "He was at that driveway and he wandered across into the middle of the road and a truck pulled out and I don't think he had seen, Ms Buttenshaw said. "I just dropped my bag and ran out and got him."

YouTube link.

Antwan's walk had started in a lane by his home. and continued through a reserve. After navigating his way through the park Antwan's next obstacle was a busy six-lane road and somehow, the two-year-old got across. His grandparents only realised he was gone two hours later. "All I could think was oh my god he's floating in water somewhere," Melinda said. "Very lucky she found him. Handed him in. Got him off that road." When they called police, Antwan was already in the care of officers.

Man armed with photograph of gun threatened to kill supermarket staff

A man brandishing a photograph of a gun threatened to kill staff at the Tesco Extra store in Bar Hill, Cambridge.

Officers were called to the giant supermarket after staff told operators in the force control room that a man was threatening to kill them and showing them an image of a firearm. Police were called by staff at 1.30am on November 12.

Cambridgeshire police then dispatched officers to the store where they arrested a man on suspicion of making threats to kill. A force spokeswoman said: “A 34-year-old man from Cambridge was arrested on November 12 on suspicion of making threats to kill.

“He was released on police bail to return to Parkside police station in Cambridge on January 14, 2015.” A Tesco spokesman said: “This is now a matter for the police and we are helping them with their inquiries”.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Baby pygmy marmoset is big toothbrush fan

Ninita the pygmy marmoset was born deaf, and subsequently hand-raised at the Rare Species Conservancy in Florida after she was abandoned by her parents. She's also a big fan of toothbrush massages.

YouTube link.

Man chased into home by angry groundhog

The McGraths of Hampton, New Hampshire, are used to friendly critters stopping by their backyard, but a frenetic visit on Tuesday morning from their resident groundhog was anything but a welcomed encounter. Gary McGrath was unloading his truck when the roughly two-foot-long groundhog came barrelling toward him. What started out as a comical sight quickly turned into a somewhat scary incident for the 65-year-old as he watched the plump animal running at a brisk jog in his direction.

“Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move, then it came running,” said McGrath. “I kicked it away, but then it got back up and came back at me again. I kicked it away again, and it came right back.” That’s when McGrath ran into his garage and shut the door, only to have the groundhog circle around to the other side of the garage and get in through a different open door. “He was out to get me,” said McGrath. “Fortunately he doesn’t run very fast, but neither do I. My first thought was, ‘He’s being awful friendly,’ when he came up to me the first time.

“He’s normally friendly. After he came after me again, I thought, ‘Wait, he wants something.’” The groundhog, which McGrath’s grandchildren enjoy looking for when they come to visit, then bared its teeth as it chased McGrath into his house. It didn’t stop there, as McGrath said it the animal began digging at the glass-and-metal door, furiously attempting to bite and claw its way inside. McGrath’s wife Carol suspects the groundhog was sick due to rabies. The animal was always docile when they encountered it previously, and Carol said she often enjoyed its presence because it would eat the weeds on their property.

“We were lucky,” she said of the “crazy” and “freaky” ordeal. “You’re just in a kind of disbelief when something like that happens.” The couple called Hampton Animal Control Officer Peter MacKinnon for help, watching in amazement as the groundhog continued to dig at the door and a corner of leaf-covered dirt next to the front stairs before MacKinnon arrived. The groundhog also tried to attack MacKinnon when he got out of his truck, forcing him to jump back into the vehicle and slam the door before the animal could get inside. MacKinnon used a rifle to kill the animal after he exited his vehicle, and the groundhog’s body will now be tested for rabies.

Two people injured after flying manhole cover hit taxi

A New York taxi driver and his passenger were injured when the yellow cab was struck by a flying manhole cover early on Monday morning. At around 6:30am, the manhole exploded at 44th Street and Lexington Avenue. Debris from the explosion crashed into a taxi. The cover hit the bonnet of the taxi and shot through the windscreen.

Good Samaritan Bernard Vickers rushed to assist the injured people. “I just happened to look and saw what happened, and I immediately reacted,” Vickers said. After hearing a loud boom, Vickers saw the mangled taxi outside the Starbucks Coffee where he works. Without hesitation, Vickers jumped into action, and was first to free the driver.

“I ran outside to check on the cab’s passenger and driver. The driver’s window was down, so I helped him get out the window,” he said. Next, Vickers helped the passenger out. “He was scared, he was traumatised, and as he was climbing out the sunroof, he, like, rolled - so I just made sure he landed safely,” Vickers said.

YouTube link.

The driver and the passenger were taken to Bellevue Hospital Center and were treated for minor injuries. By Monday night, relatives at the driver’s home said he was out of the hospital. The manhole which exploded was a large, square grate in the middle of the road. It is thought a problem with an underground electrical cable may have caused the blast.

Hunter shooting at dead deer shot second hunter

A man from Dutchess County, New York, hunting in Stormville injured a second hunter on Saturday after firing at a dead deer being hauled out of a wooded area, according to East Fishkill police.

The second hunter, also from Dutchess, had killed a deer and was using a cart to remove it from property on Stormville Mountain, owned by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection, said Kevin Keefe, chief of the East Fishkill Police Department.

The first hunter saw the deer moving, thought it was alive, fired and struck the first hunter in the hand and buttocks. The injured hunter was taken to Danbury Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The incident occurred at about 10:25am. One hunter was from Wappingers Falls, the other was from Beacon.

Keefe said East Fishkill police assisted the state Department of Environmental Conservation police, who have jurisdiction over the incident because the state regulates hunting. The regular deer and bear southern zone hunting seasons opened at sunrise last Saturday and runs through until Sunday, Dec. 7.

Naked teenager broke into homes while his parent's house was destroyed by fire

A naked teenager from Maine who broke into two homes over the weekend while his parents' house was engulfed in flames has appeared in court.

Police said Logan Valle, 18, forced his way into the two homes in Falmouth, just north of Portland, while naked on a freezing cold night in order to steal keys to nearby parked cars. He was found hiding in the attic of one of the homes and arrested.

At around the same time of the break-ins, the town's fire department was called to the nearby home of Valle's parents. His parents were not at home at the time of the blaze, but the house was destroyed.

YouTube link.

Valle's car, which was parked at a local country club two miles away, was also set on fire but not destroyed. Valle made his first court appearance on Monday afternoon. Prosecutors asked for $10,000 bail, with restrictions, including not possessing alcohol or illegal drugs. Valle's sister said that her brother is a good kid.

Birds boozed-up on berries taken to avian drunk tank so they can sober up safely

Birds in Yukon, Canada, are getting tipsy on fermented berries, so Environment Yukon has set up an avian drunk tank where they can sober up safely. With snow on the ground, birds are eating all they can before the colder weather ahead, and Bohemian waxwings love to eat mountain ash berries.

"What happens around this time of year is that after the frost, the berries will ferment and so the birds actually can get a little intoxicated from eating these berries and they do in fact get drunk," said Meghan Larivee with the animal health unit at Environment Yukon.

Tipsy birds have a harder time controlling their flight movements, and like people, their co-ordination under the influence is wonky. It can even be deadly. "So they're flying around but they're not as good at avoiding obstacles," Larivee said. "Hitting windows is not uncommon."

If you come across a little bird that is drunk or unconscious, Environment Yukon will take it and put it in a holding tank of sorts - a hamster cage, "so they can sober up until they are able to be released," said Larivee. If more care is required, like one bird last week, it goes to rehab at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. "We'll basically try to keep it nice and quiet, away from stress," said Yukon Wildlife Preserve curator Maria Hallock.

There's a news video here.

Suspected phone thief beaten to death by junior doctors had genitals cut off

An unidentified youth, accused of stealing a mobile phone, was beaten to death, allegedly by students of a medical college in Kolkata, India, who also cut off his private parts. The youth was tied to a pillar in a hostel room of the Nil Ratan Sarkar Medical College and Hospital late Saturday night and was dead by the time he was taken to hospital on Sunday morning, police said.

His companion, who was also assaulted by “a group of 20-25″, was allowed to leave the building, police said. No arrest has been made so far. Two members of the college hostel staff have been detained for questioning. Police sources said the two men were stopped and searched by the students who found them carrying two mobile phones.

The students claimed the phones belonged to them. They took the two men to a room and assaulted them. Police sources said that the youth who died had injuries on his face, neck and chest. His private parts, they said, appeared to have been slit with a blade.

YouTube link.

“Sticks have been recovered from the place where the body was found. He was beaten with these sticks… medical college students are suspects,” a police officer said. Dhrubojyoti Dey, DC (ESD), said: “Two persons have been detained, we are waiting for the post-mortem report.” The police have formed a 7-member probe team.

Pool pursues phantom pooer

The Tokoroa Indoor Pools on the North Island of New Zealand have become a dumping ground of sorts and the community is on the look out for the culprit. During the month of October the organisation dealt with eight separate incidences where faeces were found in the main pool.

And South Waikato District Council leisure services manager Heather Gaby believed it was no accident. "From time to time accidents happen however the increased frequency of this problem and the fact that it is occurring in the main pool suggests that it is no longer accidental."

If poo is found in the pool, swimmers are removed immediately and then it is cleared and treated with chemicals. The costs are "not significant" but Gaby said it was more about public inconvenience. "This is a totally unacceptable and selfish behaviour which could cause a serious health risk and is a massive inconvenience to all users."

Pool staff are handing out a notice to all pool users on arrival, between 3-6.30pm, which outlines the problem. "We are asking all users to be vigilant and report suspicious behaviour. Any offender will face serious consequences," she said. The council has also put on an additional staff member who will be on duty solely to patrol the main pool.

Johnny Depp buys a bath in Norwich

Johnny Depp has purchased a bath from a bathroom shop in Norwich.

The actor is said to have bought an antique bathtub from Stiffkey Bathrooms, in Upper St Giles Street.

While Depp did not visit the shop in person, his new bath holds pride of position in the shop window - complete with a tag stating “SOLD - Mr J Depp, Los Angeles, USA”

YouTube link.

The French Bateau bath on ornate feet dates back to 1880 and had a price tag of £5,000. Dan Hide, who runs Stiffkey Bathrooms with business partner Marc Brown, said the bath would be shipped out to America soon.